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The entrepreneurial world is brimming with 'shiny objects' - those tantalizing opportunities that promise the world but often lead you down a path of distraction and stalled dreams. It's time to step out of this relentless cycle and into a realm of true growth and fulfillment.

Tech Tools


HighLevel is like Active Campaign, ClickFunnels, and a team of marketers had a baby but priced VERY affordably for agencies and their clients.


We use this for editing every podcast or video that we put out for us and our clients. It makes transcripts, repurosing clips, and everything super easy.

There's TONS of ai tools out there, but what we really like about this one is their commitment to making a marketing tool that's designed specifically for non-marketers to make content that matches their brand quickly and easily.


Melanie Branch - Business Mindset Coach

As a magical speaker, author, and coach, I'm on a mission to help women unlock their full potential, embrace their neurodivergent superpowers, and create a life that sparkles with magic. With years of experience navigating the business world as a neurodivergent entrepreneur, I know firsthand the challenges that can arise when trying to manage burnout, imposter syndrome, and overwhelm.

Let's work together to create the transformation that you're ready for and need in your life.

Victoria Caldwell - Fractional COO

I'm on a mission to help creative entrepreneurs achieve their biggest visions, create the freedom they desire, and lead successful teams. With years of experience and a natural aptitute as a supporter, I know what's possible when you have the right team members in place with the right systems and processes to help them succeed. When you're in your flow state and they're in theirs, you can get where you want to go faster, easier, and more successfully than you could alone.

Kasim Aslam

He is one of the most knowledgeable and yet humble experts in things that I know. If you ever get a chance to hear him speak, you should. And you should absolutely stalk him on ALL his socials. You won't regret it.


Content-Based Networking by James Carbury

This is a MUST-READ for anyone that wants to get clients faster and easier through scrappy methods while ALSO creating content for marketing.

Business Design Consultant - Speaker - Strategic Partner

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