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Let's Create your BLUEprint for Impact and Fulfillment!

I believe in a world where you have the freedom to call the shots and live your life.

Let's build a business that not only achieves remarkable success but also aligns with your personal growth and fulfillment. Forget overwhelm and burnout – let's keep that spark of joy alive throughout this thrilling adventure. ✨

Whether you're a Hidden Expert looking to step into the spotlight or an Impact Expert seeking new levels of influence, let's connect!

Leave the formalities at the door, grab a virtual coffee ☕, and let's chat about how we can bring your entrepreneurial dreams to life at every stage of your journey.

Time Freedom

Financial Freedom

Creative Freedom

Lifestyle Freedom

What you just did, it felt like magic.

What we just witnessed was freakin' amazing. It was inspiring! This is why we watch sports, because it's fun to watch a person at the pinnacle of something. It's fun to watch someone who's sculpted themselves into a paragon of excellence. What you just did — it felt like magic. That was awesome.

— Kasim Aslam

You're on an AHH-mazing Journey, and I'm here to help you level up faster, easier, and with a higher level of success...

Hidden Expert

Unleash your potential, establish your niche, and gain visibility.

Rising Expert

Build a strong reputation, attract ideal clients, and stand out from the crowd.

Recognized Expert

Establish authority, expand your influence, and be a trusted thought leader.

In-Demand Expert

Attract high-value clients, choose exciting projects, and scale your business.

Impact Expert

Make significant contributions, inspire others, and enjoy success on your terms.

Let's build the BLUEprint for your success...

Together, we'll conquer challenges, shape your future, and achieve remarkable success at every level...

Christina's on a mission to make business FUN while empowering you to shape thriving ventures. Over the past 16 years, she's had the privilege of helping hundreds of visionaries achieve remarkable transformations.

She bring a unique approach that combines strategic clarity with a touch of creativity. Christina is an avid student of business and voraciously consumes training and amazing over 50 certifications — including being a StoryBrand Certified Guide, Business Made Simple Certified Coach, every DigitalMarketer Certification, and so many more.

You have the opportunity to leverage her extensive experience in business design to unlock new levels of success and fulfillment. It's time to embark on this adventure and conquer challenges, unlock your potential, and make your entrepreneurial journey a fulfilling and enjoyable one.

Create Your Own Unique IP

Launch New Ventures

Improve Customer Retention

Position Yourself as a Thought Leader

Create Additional Revenue Paths

Establish Your Personal Brand

Cultivate New Communities

Foster Strategic Parterships

Stack & Productize Your Services

Create Sustainable Client Acquisition

Maximize Your Profitability

Scale Your Business with Confidence

Personalized Service to Support You

Every entrepreneur and every business is unique, so I have multiple ways to help you.

À la Carte 1-on-1 Strategic Sessions as Needed

Unleash your full potential with personalized 1:1 sessions tailored to your unique needs. We'll dive deep into your business challenges, craft effective strategies, and I will provide expert guidance to help you overcome obstacles and achieve remarkable results.

From brainstorming sessions to targeted problem-solving, these sessions are designed to empower you on your entrepreneurial journey.

Billed at $750/hour or choose 6-Hour VIP Days at $4,500/Day

Month-by-Month Consulting Plans for Ongoing Support

Get support and guidance as long as you need me with my month-by-month consulting agreements. Together, we'll work hand in hand, with me providing you continuous insights, strategic direction, and practical solutions.

This flexible arrangement allows us to address your evolving business needs, adapt to market changes, and propel your growth month after month. Let's unlock your full potential and build a thriving business, one step at a time.

Starting at $1,500/month

Strategic Partnerships for Long-Term Support

For the right people, I'll combine my strengths, expertise, and resources with yours to achieve mutual success. Together, we'll co-create innovative solutions, tap into new markets, and amplify your impact.

This strategic partnership will not only accelerate your growth but also provide the support and synergy needed to navigate the ever-changing business landscape with me as a long-term partner.

Price: Varies Based on the Agreement, Rev Share, Base Pay, Joint Venture, etc.

Book Your Discovery Call... We'll Have a No-Presure Chat... If I can help you, and you agree, we'll talk about text steps.


Working with Someone New Can Be Intimidating... Let Me Ease Your Mind

What exactly is a Business Design Consultant and how can you help me?

As a Business Designer, I combine my expertise in strategy, branding, and growth to help entrepreneurs level up and achieve remarkable success. I provide customized strategies, innovative solutions, and expert guidance to empower you in building a thriving business, establishing authority, and creating a lifestyle of freedom and fulfillment.

Who is your ideal client?

I work with visionary entrepreneurs at all stages of their journey, from hidden experts seeking to make a name for themselves to impact experts looking to elevate their success. Whether you're starting a new business, explanding your services to include expert coaching/consulting, or looking to grow your existing business, I can help you unlock your full potential and achieve sustainable growth.

How do your services differ from traditional consulting or coaching?

I don't just teach you tactics, I look at you and your business holistically. My approach is designed to help you growth both. I want to combine strategy with creativity to craft customized solutions that align with your unique goals and aspirations. I'm no t afraid to dive deep into the roots of your business and design or redesign it so we're not just amplifying something that can't scale the right way — sustainably.

Can you work with clients remotely or only in person?

Absolutely! I offer virtual consultations and coaching sessions, allowing me to work with clients worldwide. Through video calls, online collaboration tools, and clear communication, we can effectively collaborate and make progress regardless of our geographical locations.

How do I get started working with you?

Getting started is simple! The first step is to book a call with me by clicking the "Book a Call" button on this page. During our initial conversation, we'll discuss your specific needs, goals, and determine the best way to work together. From there, we'll create a customized plan tailored to your business and start the journey towards achieving your remarkable success.

You're my new favorite expert!

YES! Christina you're my new favorite expert. I've learned so much from you just in the short time that I've been working with you and I've just been absolutely thrilled with everything that we've done together and I hope to continue working with you in the future.

— Kristin Cales

Very valuable expert... really knows her stuff.

10 out of 10 any day of the week — I'm always willing to learn something from Christina. Very valuable expert and she really knows her stuff, especially on the content side. I really appreciate you. Thank you so much and I can't wait to get ready to implement this stuff.

— Louis Newkirk

The entire experience was great all around.

Christina did a great job of explaining the content in the challenge — which I was super appreciative of. She gave us a lot of great resources to where we could do homework each day and get feedback. She was super responsive. From my perspective the entire experience was great all around.

— Thomas McMillan

She gets right to the juicy stuff.

I really love the way that Christina teaches her information. She is a no-fluff type of teacher. She gets right to the juicy stuff. I really enjoyed the trainings and got a lot of out of them and was able to implement them immediately.

— Manny Torres

Business Design Consultant - Speaker - Strategic Partner

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