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Enchanting Offboarding Emails: Crafting Magic for Client Departures

May 27, 20238 min read

Unlock the potential of farewell messages, foster goodwill, and spark opportunities for upsells, cross-sells, and referrals.

Once upon a business world, you've just completed a project with a fantastic client. There's the hum of satisfaction in the air. The journey you embarked on together has come to an end. But wait! Before they walk off into the sunset, there's one last charm to cast: the offboarding email.

Offboarding emails, my dear reader, are like the perfect dessert after a satisfying feast. They leave a sweet, memorable taste. They offer closure and, if crafted carefully, can open doors to future feasts, or in our case, business opportunities.

Today, we'll be brewing up a magical concoction of words and strategies to transform your offboarding process into a powerful charm.

But remember, the magic we're making here isn't a powerful spell forcing clients to return. No, it's about sprinkling a little fairy dust to leave them smiling, remembering you fondly, and considering the chance of future collaborations.

Define the Offboarding Email Journey

Think of the offboarding email journey as an enchanted path in the heart of an ancient forest. The trail is well-known and trusted, yet each twist and turn brings new wonder.

This path tells a tale, a narrative that unfolds with every step you take with your client.

The Gateway: Appreciation

The gateway into this forest, and the start of our offboarding email journey, is expressing gratitude. It's a sincere appreciation for your client's trust and the collaborative effort invested throughout the journey. This is the moment you acknowledge their faith in your skills and express how much you enjoyed the collaboration.

It's the warm sunlight that pierces through the forest canopy and makes the client feel welcomed and valued.

The Path: Shared Journey

Moving deeper, we come to the main stretch of our path—highlighting the journey you've shared. This isn't just a plain recap of the project. Instead, it's a montage of shared experiences, of victories celebrated, and of challenges overcome.

Weave a story of what you've accomplished together, a shared narrative that forms the core of your offboarding email. It's the enchanting flora and fauna, the intriguing sights and sounds that make the journey worthwhile.

The Crossroads: Potential Adventures Ahead

And finally, we arrive at a crossroad. This is where the offboarding email gently hints at potential adventures that lie ahead. It's a subtle invitation, a nudge, an open door to more projects, upsells, cross-sells, or referrals. These are the different paths spreading out from the crossroads, inviting the client to another venture when they are ready.

So that's the enchanted journey of your offboarding email: a well-trodden path beginning with appreciation, leading through a shared journey, and culminating at a crossroad hinting at future collaborations. And all throughout, your email maintains a tone of sincere camaraderie and shared excitement. That's the magic we're aiming for.

Craft the Perfect Offboarding Email

The art of creating the perfect offboarding email is akin to a wizard delicately brewing a powerful potion. It's all about having the right elements, the right cadence, and the right intention.

A. The Message

An offboarding email is a potent spell, one that's woven with care, sincerity, and a bit of magic. It starts with a hearty "Thank you!" — the universal magic word that breaks the ice and sets the tone. Your appreciation should be sincere and specific, reflecting the collaboration you shared.

Next, you venture into the enchanted forest of your journey together. Share the project's achievements and challenges overcome. This isn't just a recap, it's a celebration—a joyful acknowledgment of what you've accomplished together.

The final piece of the puzzle is the most delicate—opening the door for future collaborations, upsells, cross-sells, or a simple referral. It's a gentle nudge, a softly whispered invitation to embark on another adventure when the time is right.

B. The Timing

In the world of magic, timing is everything. You wouldn't summon a sun sprite at midnight, would you? The same principle applies to offboarding emails. This missive is best sent at the end of a contract or upon project completion. It's a fond farewell, a wave from the platform as the train departs, a signal that one journey has ended and another may soon begin. Remember, timing is the essence that can turn an ordinary note into a magical missive.

C. The Upsell/Cross-Sell/Referral Ask

Now, onto the trickiest part of our incantation—the subtle introduction of future prospects. This isn't a sales pitch, it's an invitation to another dance, delivered with grace and tact. The key is to keep it light, non-imposing, and client-focused. Your intention should be clear—you're not pushing a sale, you're offering value. You're not asking for a favor, you're suggesting a mutually beneficial alliance.

Whether it's a suggestion for an additional service (upsell), a recommendation of a different service (cross-sell), or a request for a referral, your language should be subtle and respectful. This part of your offboarding email is like a soft, inviting glow in the distance—a beacon for future collaboration when the time is right.


The beauty of the offboarding email lies in its versatility. Its narrative can be woven by any entrepreneur, regardless of their field. Let's cast a gaze into our crystal ball and peek at some real-life scenarios.

A. Jane, the Web Designer

Jane, the freelance web designer, worked diligently with her client to create a dazzling new website. After celebrating the successful launch, it was time for Jane to cast her offboarding email spell.

She began with sincere appreciation for the client's collaboration, expressing joy in seeing the dream of a vibrant website turn into reality. She recalled the journey they'd taken, highlighting key moments like brainstorming sessions and overcoming design hurdles.

The twist in Jane's tale was the gentle hint for future opportunities. Without being overly salesy, she subtly noted how a great website is like a garden—it needs regular tending to keep it fresh and engaging. Just like that, Jane left a magical breadcrumb for potential website revamp projects.

B. Mark, the Business Consultant

Mark, a dedicated business consultant, had spent several months working closely with a company to streamline their operations. When their work together drew to a close, he crafted an offboarding email that was a masterclass in fond farewells and future prospects.

Mark extended heartfelt thanks to the company, emphasizing how much he valued their trust in his expertise. He summarized their journey, noting the initial hurdles, the strategies they implemented, and the eventual victory of smoother, more efficient operations.

But Mark didn't end there. His email subtly hinted at the potential for further collaboration. He suggested a check-in session in six months, offering to review the implemented strategies and make adjustments if necessary. His invitation was soft and client-centric, emphasizing the value it would bring to the company.

C. Lily, the Lifestyle Coach

Let's add one more to our gallery of examples. Lily, a lifestyle coach, had just finished a six-month personal development program with her client. When it was time to part ways, Lily knew that her offboarding email was a crucial step in ensuring the journey they had embarked on together wouldn't end abruptly.

Lily's email started with sincere thanks, acknowledging her client's dedication and commitment. She highlighted the personal growth milestones they had achieved together, celebrating the transformation her client underwent.

In her tactful call to future adventures, Lily proposed a follow-up session after a few months, emphasizing it as a chance to reflect on progress and set new goals. By doing so, she paved the way for potential future coaching sessions.

Each offboarding email - from Jane's, Mark's, to Lily's - is a beautifully crafted spell, enchanting clients and leaving the door open for more magical collaborations.

Why This Might Not Be For You... Yet

Every spell in the entrepreneurial grimoire isn't for everyone or every situation. As wizards of our craft, we must know when to cast and when to hold back. The offboarding email spell is no different.

A. The Apprentice Wizard: Honing Your Craft

If you're an apprentice wizard, still learning the ropes, casting the offboarding email spell might be premature. You might not have the necessary experience to gauge the subtleties of timing, message tone, or upselling effectively.

And that's okay! Magic isn't rushed—it's about learning and growth. Take your time to master your craft, observe other wizards, and when you're ready, your quill and parchment will be waiting.

B. The Turbulent Journey: Unhappy Project Completion

There's another scenario where it might be wise to sheathe your quill. If the project you've just completed with your client was fraught with challenges, and the conclusion doesn't leave you both parting on the best of terms, it might not be the right time for an offboarding email.

This spell thrives on positivity, a celebration of collaboration, and hints at a future working together. In the wake of a turbulent journey, your offboarding email might not strike the right chord and could further sour the relationship.

C. The Uncertain Road: Healthy Client Relationship

Finally, the key ingredient to this spell is a healthy client relationship. Your offboarding email is a culmination of your collaborative journey, a testament to the bond you've forged.

If that relationship isn't strong, the email might come off as insincere or opportunistic. It's like trying to summon a patronus with a wavering belief—it just won't work.

The offboarding email spell, though powerful, is not one-size-fits-all magic. It requires sincerity, timing, and a robust client relationship. If any of these elements aren't in place, it might be best to wait, learn, and cast when the time is right.

After all, patience is one of the greatest virtues in a wizard's arsenal.

Offboarding emails aren't just a business strategy—they're a spell of appreciation, acknowledgment, and subtle invitation for future collaborations. It's not about bewitching clients to return, but about leaving a trail of enchanted breadcrumbs they might follow when the time is right.

So there you have it, fellow adventurer! The magical world of offboarding emails, decoded and demystified. Use this power wisely, and may your client relationships forever flourish!

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